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July 22, 2009

omg! it’s grayed out!

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omg! it's grayed out!
This is basically so I don’t forget how to fix this button.

July 14, 2009

On galaxies which don’t even exist yet,

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On galaxies which don't even exist yet,
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Originally Posted by smars View Post
It is easy – you are fans and so rule #1 applies: Thou shall buy all possible editions in all possible languages – including the £10.000.000,00 special edition supplied in a box of purest gold and comes with a meteor fragment (*).

Anyway, Frontier will always do what it can to supply the best interface for each platform we release on. I think a case in point actually is Thrillville: Off the Rails where we made good use of the capabilities of the Wii even though it was kind of unique in its control-scheme compared to the other platforms that we released the game upon.

After that it is just personal opinions. For what it is worth mine is to go with the Xbox 360 version of as many games as possible. Why? Because I stick the disc in the drive and it works, compared to the countless of hours I have spent tracking down driver-issues in PC games.

Crap.. crap crap crap..

Why in the world would a console platform possibly be acceptable for a game which is supposed to be as deep as the Elite series has always been??

Driver issues??? Are you kidding me? That’s gotta be nonsense, if you can’t handle drivers and configuration in your own computer, you probably won’t even appreciate, much less like, Elite 4.. unless.. it’s dumbed down… I guess.

Also, are we to believe E4 will really be comparable to …Thrillville? I’m sure there are plenty of games which translate well onto PC and consoles, but it’s a matter of fact, not opinion, that some games are way better suited for a PC, but it’s not about that ultimately, is it? It’s about money.

E2F and FFE were really very left handed games, which didn’t have a broad appeal like doom or world of warcrack. Hell, even for 1993, the graphics for FFE were behind. Yet the people who got it, really got it, and loved those games for vast oceans of deep space fiction they were.. It was elite fans who went to the extent of taking over a usenet group, of all things. …driver issues, indeed.

Aiming for the big blockbuster smash hit of the century with Elite 4 will, in fact, require the game to be less than what it would be if it wasn’t being made to maximize profit. Will this sorely disappoint about half the elite fans that are still fanatical today? Certainly money doesn’t care about that I’ve been an elite fan since the first one I played as a teenager on the commodore 64, nor that I’ve followed since before even AOL had internet access. Money cares about fresh influxes and happy investors/shareholders.

Do I think it shouldn’t be about money? Now that is the matter of opinion, I suppose. My opinion is; labors of love stand a better chance of being great to those that would appreciate them, but businesses don’t run on Love(tm), so there’s no reason to expect E4 of not being a labor of commerce, like everything else, sadly. It would be more revolutionary for me to believe a game development house wanted to make a game not everybody would like, even though those who did like it, would love it.

Yah, I sound like a cynical crank I guess, whatever.. It’s great to have media out in the wild about E4. It’s great to know it’s not actually dead.. It’s great to see that the mother of all space flight sims might still see the light of day someday.. It’s disheartening to know my expectations shouldn’t be so high though.

Hell, some of us still have to switch from hoping to praying it works under WINE, since it’s now clear there’ll be no Linux support, and probably active antagonism to attempts to make it work. (Not to mention the crap I’ll get for even just saying the “L” word.) Fun.


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