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April 11, 2008

Handbasket Jockeys (sans context)

Filed under: politix,rant,society — Victor Tramp @ 12:19 pm
Handbasket Jockeys (sans context)

Hi folks,

Hate to jump in again, but Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, and George H.W.
Bush kinda ARE our standards… In the eyes of the rest of the world…

For better or for worse, Jesus ain’t the only game in town down here
on good ol’ Earth. So in our particular stretch of land which we’ve
arbitrarily marked as “America” which we rightly stole from the First
Nations peoples, built on the back of African, Chinese, and Irish
slaves, and have fought and defended bravely for a paltry 200 or so
years since, we are ACTUALLY held to a certain standard by the rest of
Humanity and all their various cultures and beliefs. This standard is
directly set by our leaders and their Foreign Policies..

Christianity might be a fine set of ideals to live by, but it’s not
what the founding fathers based this country on (many of them weren’t
even that religious themselves), and therefore shouldn’t be a big
surprise that our political system has fought tooth and nail to keep
them separate from any one given belief system since its inception.

So in the end, it’s not what you believe that affects how this country
is shaped, but what you do for your country (whether in the name of
those beliefs or not) that matters. Even if you hate the US, if you’re
a citizen of the US, your hatred should be allowed and embraced.
People confuse hatred for the US by its own citizens for
ungratefulness. This is misguided, because if you are trying to make a
difference to this country, whether to your government or your flock,
your hatred can and will have the opportunity to be transformed into
love and respect if you can perceive that your efforts are being rewarded.

I realized recently what the saying “freedom isn’t free” really means
lately, as I fight my own social battles to promote and produce a free
society around me. As society slowly embraces my ideals and those of
my compatriots, my personal disdain for this country slowly recedes.
I’m sure if my (or anyone’s) ideals that they’ve fought for are wrong
or bad for this country, that the other freedom loving citizens of
this country will keep the debates alive and the hardheaded will be
routed or silenced, or best ignored and freedom will still find a way
to prevail.. But I can’t stress enough that even those who are wrong
in their thinking ought to be free to be wrong, and be free to be
proven wrong, and be free to change their minds..

So while I wholeheartedly disagree that Jesus should have anything
directly to do with my country’s politics, and while I respectfully
can’t fault people for disagreeing with me, I am still compelled to
remind people that we are one of very few countries [if any] that HAVE
based our whole political system on the idea that our sovereignty is
not God given. We’ve fought for the freedom of ALL faiths have a
place in our society, and for ALL people to be seen as created equal.

Let’s keep up that good fight an stick to peoples’ actions for this
country, and for their communities, in -whomever’s- name. Nobody’s a
perfect Christian, nobody’s a perfect person, so what if people stay
stupid things, it’s what they do that counts, isn’t it?

All that being said, I should disclaim that i don’t give a damn who
Jeremiah Wright is, or what he’s done or said.. But confusing
political propaganda and religious sentiment is what got us 8 years of
Dubya.. and Democrat, or Republican, (or independent like me), can we
not go thru that again please?


love ya,