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November 17, 2007

Dawn of a new identity…

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Dawn of a new identity...

I have a new GPG key, it’s right here. I’ve also upoaded it to the keyserver network,

Also, This key was signed with my previous key just before I revoked it. I’ll probably be hitting up for your signature on my new key at some point.. ^_^

So if you see my old key/signature somewhere, it’s not me! O_o

link to book

November 16, 2007

Dear Santa,

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Dear Santa,

It’s not really that the Asus Eee notebook is solid state, that’s cool. It’s not that the default OS is Linux, nor that it’s 7″ screen is very nice and tiny. It’s not even that it’s ready for any other Linux distro, and potentially super excellent for adminning.. No, it’s not even that it comes in a variety of amusing colors and is ridiculously cheap..

It’s that, if I ever get one, I’m putting this in it….


honest Santa, I been good…