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October 18, 2007

Nokia needs Viagra

Filed under: hardware,linux,rant,wishlist — Victor Tramp @ 1:08 pm
Nokia needs Viagra

Nokia is releasing the N810 soon.

It’s the win in every category, except that it’s smaller.

Why can’t they (or anyone) make an internet tablet which is steno pad sized??? What the hell is wrong with people that every devices has to be right out of Zoolander ??

Full size tablet notebooks fail because they are too large.

PDA “tablets” fail because they’re too small..

This N810 device has REALLY NICE specs considering.. It’s a handy tool for folks like me who already have 3 notebooks, like to have (access to) one wherever I go, but it’s not practical to take a notebook everywhere (without looking like a tool.) The N800 has always been attractive, because of it’s swissarmyknife like features, but it was impractical to me without a keyboard (ssh anyone?) and some size .. now the N810 is coming, and it’s got a KEYBOARD, and even BETTER features, but it’s !@$#%@#$% SMALLER!??!?!?!

I hate you Nokia; you’ve invented a wonderful, very attractvive information tool that does nearly everything I could think to ask for in a tablet (except maybe some nice USB master ports) and you’ve wrapped it in complete fail!