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June 24, 2007

Happy Sunday

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Happy Sunday

ASIMO loves you!

June 9, 2007

3rd time’s the charm…

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3rd time's the charm...

I’m tired of writing about this notebook. Almost as tired as people are about hearing me go on about it.. So here’s the last installment..

It turns out the Celeron-M 520 processor, which I mentioned in the last post, is a 64-bit CPU. That means a 64-bit operating system.. That means yet another rebuild!

Well as fun and exciting as wrestling with (k)ubuntu has been, I’m about over tinkering with my machine and would like to settle down and use it.

Hello Debian…


June 6, 2007

Epilogue: Ubuntu redeems itself, sort of…

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Epilogue: Ubuntu redeems itself, sort of...

This promises not to be very long at all.. After a crushing defeat at the hands of Ubuntu, I switched to Kubuntu out of sheer desperation.. But even now, I’m preparing to wave the white flag, abandon ship, and swim for the bright shores of Debian…


June 1, 2007

The Completely Unfair™ Ubuntu Linux Review…

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The Completely Unfair™ Ubuntu Linux Review...

So I’ve received my new Acer notebook in one piece, and despite some peoples’ reservations about using tigerdirect, everything seems in good working order. I am relieved about that.

I was reminded that there is a Sesame Street theme in my household, so señor notebook has been thusly named cookiemonster (my personal favorite.)(and hence, the yummy topic image.)

It came with Windows Vista Basic, so I spent a few minutes with Vista for the first time, and… in a word; slow.. And that concludes the total time i’ll ever spend in Vista.. Now on to a far better performing OS…

…or so I thought. While Ubuntu Linux is certainly shockingly faster on the same hardware, boy howdy did I not expect the saga that awaited me..