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April 26, 2007

Sometimes it’s me…

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Sometimes it's me...

I swear my I.Q. must be on a trampoline.. with a hole in it… over quicksand… Sometimes my brain just falls right in and just keeps sinking..

all my email was erased. All of it.. and where was my backup? looking at another partition!

tra la la, backup over heeere, backup over theeere..

one bad debian package remove, and WHAM..

i ar teh st00pid!


April 23, 2007

Pass the Mousey to the Left-Hand Side

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Pass the Mousey to the Left-Hand Side

NO… WAY…..

Finally!!!! Militant lefties rejoice!


April 19, 2007

yes, please

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yes, please

I already have the v920..

Which makes the vr920 kind of hard to justify. However, this monitor (and yes, it’s a monitor, you wear it on your face)(insert geordi la forge jokes here) is the newer version of the one i already have.

HMD in Use

In many ways they’re the same device, which doesn’t help its case.

It’s cheaper! but still expensive considering.. and there’s the DV920 which looks exactly like the v920, but up in price. (wtf?)

They’re all 640×480 still.. a fact that i have never been in love with. but the V920 has performed a lot better than i’d expected, especially handling the screen at a virtual 1024×768.

the VR920 has a better field of vision. Imagine an even larger monitor that only you could see.. that’s a plus really.

And the final nail in the coffin of my hopes ambitions and dreams? I don’t use the one I have that often.. This is mostly due to inconvenient ergonomics, and as nice as it performs, 640×480 is only limitedly useful.

So alas, I will endure the crossed arms, tapping foot, and scowl of the imaginary fiancee; and avoid it from the real life one by cheerfully not mentioning it. 😀


April 11, 2007

Famous Coffee Shops

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Famous Coffee Shops

(11:38:40 AM) Jimmy: it’s weird, i was talking to this dude at starbucks
(11:39:02 AM) Jimmy: turned out he’s jackie jackson
(11:39:08 AM) mdp: who’s that


April 6, 2007

Point ‘n’ Click Zen

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Point 'n' Click Zen

Thanks again, sinfest

April 5, 2007

yep, it’s teh win

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yep, it's teh win

Ok, so the Beyond the Red Line linux demo is out!


April 3, 2007

Beyond the Red Penguin

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Beyond the Red Penguin

Oh joy! Thanks Ant!

While Ant is wonderful at sending mails and suches about things that don’t necesarily make it to his front page, sometimes I think some things ought to. 😉

Such as, the impending release of a Battlestar Galactica video game for Linux! Being the reigning Linux advocate on this server, I am compelled to make sure games for linux get some spotlight as this is going to be a big year for Linux games.

People, start your hardware upgrades!

April 2, 2007

it’s monday!

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it's monday!

everybody look busy!