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March 10, 2010

The New Second Class Citizenship

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The New Second Class Citizenship

It’s that season again! Being delivered today is my new Sager 9280 notebook! I wonder how it’ll stand being indoctrinated into the Church of Debian Unstable..

Ha, notebook my chocolate starfish… This thing is more of a laptop, in the traditional sense of the word.  This monstrosity makes me think there should be yet another mobile-computing term beyond ninja, monk, and samurai.. I’m considering this one in the Sumo Class.. I’m really quite excited about it. Maybe more later on Sager’s win/lose ratio..

It took forever to find a notebook to match my requirements.. 17″, 1920×1200, no Windows pre-installed.. it was as if I could have the physical size, or the resolution, but not both, and when I did find both, I was forced to accept the Microsoft Tax, or GTFO.. Naturally I chose the latter option.


July 22, 2009

omg! it’s grayed out!

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omg! it's grayed out!
This is basically so I don’t forget how to fix this button.

June 9, 2007

3rd time’s the charm…

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3rd time's the charm...

I’m tired of writing about this notebook. Almost as tired as people are about hearing me go on about it.. So here’s the last installment..

It turns out the Celeron-M 520 processor, which I mentioned in the last post, is a 64-bit CPU. That means a 64-bit operating system.. That means yet another rebuild!

Well as fun and exciting as wrestling with (k)ubuntu has been, I’m about over tinkering with my machine and would like to settle down and use it.

Hello Debian…


March 19, 2007

Princess Beryl vs. Debian

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Princess Beryl vs. Debian

I have finally updated and cleaned up my famous MASTER.sources.list file!