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March 8, 2011


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Things I’ve been asking Santa to invent are finally being invented. Maybe I’ll get the RV that drives itself after all? Maybe.. Retirement in orbit around the moon still seems unlikely.. But maybe I can cruise western Cascadia without much actual driving.. We’ll see. But hey! Snowboard goggles running Android. That’s a start.

October 5, 2010

Confused with something else…

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Confused with something else...

Without free software, there’s no free market. In the Microsoft/Apple ecologies, there is only the PERCEPTION of a free market. It isn’t truly free to anyone if Microsoft/Apple can come around and change or impose the rules whenever they feel like it, regardless of who’s work suffers.

In the free software ecology, there is plenty of freedom for developers. Alas, freedom is not free, and that is why there  are a seemingly daunting amount of graphical user interfaces, APIs, licenses, and so on. The bottom line is; man up, Valve, make your own way. Free platforms even welcome closed source works, you know, like Steam.

April 4, 2010

Science Friction

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Science Friction

…If it only had 640×480 (or better) instead of QVGA.

…If only it had an accelerometer & magnetometer buried in that thick frame.

…If only it were VGA/DVI, and powered by USB by default.

…If only it had a halfway reasonable DDC reply.

…If only the company that once made this knew it’s true place in the market.

…If only ten other companies made things just like it.

…If only the connection between this class of device and Compiz/X11 (and to some degree KWin) weren’t so obvious..

..If only…

March 18, 2010

Shameless Astroturfing

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Shameless Astroturfing

So, another Ant email arrives. One of about 50 each day. And sure enough, it’s never the quantity of email, it’s the quality.

One of the latest little dittys is about Razer mice! I love’s me a good mouse, especially a left-handed one, and it turns out there’s an astroturfing contest!!

Well, let me be the 29,351st person you’ve heard it from.. Another excellent mouse manufacturer has made what looks like the market’s second fabulous left handed mouse. It might actually be better than the Logitech offering (which I won’t link to, because they aren’t the ones with the free mouse contest), since the Razer DeathAdder Left-Handed edition is actually a wired mouse.. The one real shortfall of Logitech’s wireless Left-Handed mouse; wireless = bad for gaming..

Being that I’m left-handed, I often pick up stuff people don’t normally think about. For instance, I’m exclusively a Linux user. I feel Linux is the most ideal platform for gaming and game development on Earth. It’s too bad the gaming development scene has been held hostage by one private company for so long, the stockholm syndrome is almost too painful to watch. If game development shops gave Linux half a chance as their PC platform for gaming, we’d see a lot more, and better results.

So, seeing that I’m a Left-Handed Linux Gamer, who isn’t on Facebook (because free (as in cost) social networks are just another corporate assault on your civil rights)(really, if you don’t understand that, don’t ask for an explanation, you wouldn’t believe it anyway), to find a company breaking the mold of “there are no left handed people”, and offering a high quality gaming peripheral like this one,  you’ll find me and my ilk first in line for the offering. You know, as we discover its availability, through aggressive, customer driven marketing pieces like this.  Now go buy one! 😉

Thanks Razer!

August 26, 2009

On World Domination…

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On World Domination...

(12:45:08 PM) mprov: it still seems like we’ll have to tackle HAL and XInput after we have a driver, but maybe understanding those layers will help us understand what, at the kernel level, we’re trying to achieve
(12:46:58 PM) mprov: HAL depends on (d-bus, and then) udev to provide the manifestation of the /dev entry for the device, when the kernel registers the device, it shows up in /sys, where udev gets the info it needs to generate the /dev entry. Then dbus provides the notification to HAL which provides the permissions and access to the device to XInput
(12:48:01 PM) mprov: that’s the flow of things, once we have a complete handler for the HID layer once we have a recognized device registration
(12:48:58 PM) mprov: what we need in the kernel seems to be just that, a handler for the HID registration, which will provide the /sys entries for /udev to make the device. then we can interface it higher up the stack
(12:49:30 PM) mprov: for udev to make the /dev entry i mean
(12:49:32 PM) mprov: not /udev
(12:50:34 PM) mprov: (i’m repeating myself here, but) once udev generates the device, d-bus will notify HAL to parse the device and register it with XInput, which will make it available to the user

After that.. Wearable computing on every computer, using any HMD, by any manufacturer. Death to monitors!

August 10, 2009

Oh looky, a rant on the internet! How original!

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Oh looky, a rant on the internet! How original!

So, Twitter goes down and Facebook goes down, and suddenly people don’t know what hit them? I’ve never understood how so much of the Internet’s population can mistake a website for a public utility. It’s as if Twitter is supposed to be some deeply embedded component of the internet’s inherent architecture, and when it’s not working; teh OMG, Now what?!

That the majority of twitterers & facebookers don’t realize, much less care, that they’re communicating over a closed, privately owned channel (which may or may not be harvesting their information, relationships, and communications for purposes they never intended) really isn’t my point.

That the attacks were targeting one person, and wound up crippling entire social networking sites (illustrating a lack of integrity in the operating systems involved in the attack,)  isn’t my point either..

I just find it so crazy how surprising and paralyzing it can become to people when one random websites or another goes down. Like a handful of corporations think they can be their own social revolution or something. It’s odd that people have such a hard time seeing past the facade. It seems the strengths of open protocols and federated systems would be far more evident in times like these, but instead, people hardly remember email, or XMPP, or their own blogs.

Whatever. I guess I get it. It’s just so disheartening.

July 22, 2009

omg! it’s grayed out!

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omg! it's grayed out!
This is basically so I don’t forget how to fix this button.

June 22, 2009

Byproducts of compelxity

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Byproducts of compelxity

So, there’s nothing like watching both Microsoft and Apple getting kicked in the balls.. Here ye, here ye, the first Linux platform running Microsoft products.. or wait, EAS? Are you serious? On a Linux based phone??


Oh, but lets not forget everyone’s favorite.. Hi, I’m an iPod.. and I’m a.. uh.. what he said.. iTunes says… ok! ^_^  …Will Apple actually try and stop them? You know that sensation when you see somebody take one in the sack? Damn…

It’s like some perverse capitalistic kung-fu movie with Palm as the down and out hero coming back full force…

All they need now is developer support.. So far, they’re not helping themselves by the SDK being so far off, but you can tell they know, since they’re expanding their early access..

We’ll see.. Its quality is quite an affront to, at least two, industry giants, but in a subtle way. It’ll be interesting to see how the dominoes fall over the next 6 months. Maybe the best of all cases, nothing big will ever come of it, and reason has one more prevailing precedent on its side.

July 14, 2008

Gargoyles are not yet among us

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Gargoyles are not yet among us

Even if you tell people outright, that wearable computing is real, and literally weeks away, they actively don’t believe it. I guess i don’t blame them. I guess to some folks it seems pretty far fetched.

June 6, 2008

Mobile Computing Standard Definitions (and handy buying guidelines)

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Mobile Computing Standard Definitions (and handy buying guidelines)

This post was commissioned by Tom, direct all complaints to him. ^_^

In my recent quest to decide what my next portable computing device would be, it came down to two main contenders, the Asus Eee PC, or the Nokia N810, I realized there’s a good analogy for classifying mobile devices; classes of Asian warriors!

Often in computing circles, parallels are made between the hacking skills of techies, and the fighting skills of martial artists. So it isn’t a big stretch to see why this analogy is apt. I have no illusions it’ll catch on, but dammit it’s a convenient convention..

So in short, my version of the three currently distinct classes of Mobile Computing Devices goes; the Samurai, the Monk, and the Ninja.


December 8, 2007

The Music (and Movie) Industry’s Guide to Saving Its Own Ass

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The Music (and Movie) Industry's Guide to Saving Its Own Ass

…or, a glimpse at how silly the concept of “intellectual property” really is.

Walking the streets of San Diego’s Gaslamp District on a Saturday night during toorcon, a thought occurred to me that cascaded into a long monologue into a fellow hacker’s ear (sorry ’bout that, Aftershock.)

Watching the music industry embarrass themselves by suing the pants off their own customers in light of changing market conditions was exceedingly amusing for the first 40,000 headlines, but then it began to get old. Being myself, a tiny part of the technology fabric weaving its way ubiquitously through human society, it was obvious what was going to happen in 1998 when encoding music from CD’s into MP3s became all the rage among technology enthusiasts. By 2007 everybody and their grandmother (literally) was doing it, except apparently, the recording industry.

Copying music from CD to computer, from computer to device, from device to phone, to email, inadvertently to tape backup, across the internet to 60,000 computers at once, getting 60 songs from your friend, or giving 32,000 songs to a complete stranger you met at a party who happened to bring his external USB drive too (usb drives? at a party?)… Well it’s practically every day stuff.. It’s the information economy. Send an email, send a spreadsheet, send a song.. How often do people write to each other “you gotta see this!” followed by a VideoSift or YouTube link, or with an attachment..

It was a mystery to me (and still is for most people,) what possible successful survival schemes exist for record labels. Could record labels hold on to their coveted positions as middlemen, scouts, and distributors for talent while the internet made it abundantly clear that artists could finally speak for and represent themselves to the entire developed world? How does, what amounts to, a broker industry thrive when, over the internet, artists can now even collaborate with each other, on a professional scale, simultaneously or time shifted, while continents apart, and distribute the results to millions of others worldwide?

Turns out, the labels’ answer is pretty easy.. Expensive as hell, but easy.

Now the question is, will businesses catch on in in time? The law is as antiquated as the music world’s industrial age business practices are, and criminalizing customers certainly isn’t turning out to be very good for the ol’ bottom line. Will some other economic force blossom which changes law and business in order to do what is needed to move music and society forward?

Let’s break down the problem in more depth and explore some avenues towards graceful, profitable solutions.


November 16, 2007

Dear Santa,

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Dear Santa,

It’s not really that the Asus Eee notebook is solid state, that’s cool. It’s not that the default OS is Linux, nor that it’s 7″ screen is very nice and tiny. It’s not even that it’s ready for any other Linux distro, and potentially super excellent for adminning.. No, it’s not even that it comes in a variety of amusing colors and is ridiculously cheap..

It’s that, if I ever get one, I’m putting this in it….


honest Santa, I been good…

July 14, 2007

Shouting into the nothingness, again…

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Shouting into the nothingness, again...

So I’m listening to NPR, and they’re doing a piece on WiFi access at KOA (Kampgrounds of America) campgrounds. And I’m irritated to no end. But why? A hand full of people with tons of knowledge and experience, discussing; why this isn’t camping, the technical difficulties of putting up wireless in the wilderness, and whether or not the internet’s an addiction.

Hmm, well first of all. The internet isn’t an addiction, in the same sense that fire isn’t alive. Oh I’m sure there are some poor whackjobs out there that are indeed addicted to things on the internet, and when they’re taken away they’ll cry like little babies, but that’s any real, actual, addiction.

The internet itself is just a bunch of computers strung together granting various degrees of access to one another.. That’s a pretty esoteric concept to get addicted to.. I’d hope this would help put to bed some of this silliness, but nobody in charge of psychology is reading this.